Non-Meditation and Non-Distraction View

The principles of non-meditation and non-distraction are two of the most important points of meditation practice. “Non-meditation” helps us to let go of our habitual instincts to control the mind and to manufacture states of equanimity and inner peace. In moving from effortful “meditation” to effortless “non-meditation,” we begin to see that enduring well-being is not found through striving and applying effort in our meditation practice, but rather by letting go and opening to the wisdom of the present moment. “Non-distraction” helps us to see that while we do not need to strive and strain to get meditation right, letting go does not mean spacing out or losing touch with awareness. Together, these two principles point to an experience of meditation in which we are open and receptive, yet fully aware and attuned to our experience in the moment.

Reflection Questions

– Where do you see the impulse to control your mind and emotions in your life and meditation practice?

– Have you experimented with letting go and simply allowing experience to unfold naturally, without trying to change what was happening? What happened?

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