How to practice meditation while working

“This technique of going in and out of meditation — traditionally referred to as “short times, many times” — is often illustrated by the example of drops of water falling one by one into a large empty bucket. It might take a long while, but in the end, the barrel will be full. Doing informal meditation while you’re working will increase your productivity and the quality of your work; at the same time it will develop your spiritual practice, improve the health of your relationships, and benefit your physical body, too. Altogether, a win-win.”


Using Meditation Get Unstuck in a Job

There are few things quite as soul-crushing as being stuck in a job that makes you miserable. In general, feeling like you are trapped makes any problematic situation that much more unpleasant. In the case of not liking your job, the initial problem of aversion becomes magnified by feelings of fear and hopelessness.


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