Keeping Your Balance in Today’s World

This is a very, very difficult time right now. Around the world, people are struggling with conflicts, intolerance and inequity, poverty, and the effects of climate change. The pandemic and other serious illnesses continue to create suffering, too.


Why Do We Suffer?

In popular imagination, Buddhism is often seen as equating life with suffering, but that’s not really accurate. In fact, Buddhism sees a lot of suffering as completely avoidable.


Meditation For Negative Thoughts

“Your awareness is bigger than your negative thoughts. So when you can hold sensations in your awareness, that is kindness. If you feel like you can’t let go of your aversion to some of them, that’s okay too. Just be with your aversion. When you allow yourself to have an aversion, that is love. That is compassion. That is forgiveness. So anything is okay: panic is okay, depression is okay. Guilt, destructive thoughts, whatever — it’s okay. All of these feelings are just like clouds in the sky, coming and going.”


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