Living the Teachings in a Fast-Paced Corporate Environment

By Lita Sands • 3 min read

Joy of Living
Lita Sands - Making Teachings Work in Fast-Paced Corporate Environment

My life with Mingyur Rinpoche began in 2007 when I found The Joy of Living in a bookstore while waiting for a train. Since then, my life has had its ups and downs, but one thing has held true — his Joy of Living teachings are my touchstone and have given my life meaning and purpose.

The career I’ve chosen in Life Sciences is incredibly rewarding. It helps usher in precision medicine therapies that help patients globally. It’s also involved working for some very large and complex organizations. My role as a consultant is packed throughout the day with Zoom calls. I like to call Monday through Friday “blursday” because the days are so intense.

I have a driven personality, and earlier in my career, I would get upset when my colleagues interrupted me doing “work.”  My first retreat with Rinpoche taught me that no person could be an island. We are all so highly dependent on each other for everything that it would be impossible to survive without each other.

He taught me that life is all about people.

Keeping Key Principles In Mind

So, how do I keep my sanity in this increasingly complex world?

  • Look for opportunities to help others
    Meetings are a chance for me to arouse bodhichitta and focus on how I can serve others. They’ve led me to realize the need for younger women to have mentorship, which has brought me tremendous delight. 
  • Practice staying present in the moment
    It’s easy to become bored and want to multitask; however, that quickly becomes a trap. There’s no way to multitask with excellence, and the energy it takes is draining. Instead, I observe my mind wandering and practice pulling it back to the present to stay focused. I believe this has helped me be far more productive.
  • Check my ego at the door
    I’m now in the fourth decade of working in corporate life. I’m surrounded by people who are younger than me, and I absolutely love learning from them. The focus of my career has been the same — technology-led business transformation — but my tools continue to change. By looking at everyone as my teacher, I’ve had a far bigger impact on patients’ lives than if I had closed my mind off as the “expert.” Practicing Rinpoche’s exploration of self by looking for something singular, permanent, and independent has helped strengthen my sense of no self.

Like many of you, I am a work in progress. When asked to write this article, my first instinct was to decline. Who am I to share my perspective with others? But perhaps sharing this small story helps motivate others to see the beauty of people and the joy that can be experienced, even in a hectic environment. 

June 2024

About the Author

Lita Sands lives with her husband and four dogs in Lambertville, New Jersey. They enjoy hiking along the canal paths and the lively group of friends they have made there. In addition to her career in Life Sciences, Lita is an avid photographer and has been recognized for her work capturing the beauty of New Orleans and its people.

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